Friday, 17 April 2015

LG G Flex 2, 3 Extreme Endurance Test

Test of resistance to the new smartphone has always been a very interesting thing to see. Moreover, the endurance test showed the extent to which a mobile resilience in the face of extreme conditions. And this time, a test of endurance for the LG G Flex 2, known as the curved screen smartphone made by Full Mag.

There are several endurance tests conducted by Full Mag, whether it is dropped from a height of about 1 meter, plunged into the water, run over by a truck and even the most extreme is an endurance test using 50 caliber bullets fired by the Barrett M82A1 rifle.

The First Video,you will see LG G Flex 2 Drop Test by FullMag.

In the first video, the tests performed is the phone is dropped from a height of about 1 meter and plunged into the water. For this phone splashdown process itself is done in a short time, considering this phone is not equipped with a waterproof certification.

The Second Video,you will see LG G Flex 2 vs Truck Tire by FullMag.

In the second video, the phone run over by a truck. Interestingly, this phone is positioned face down with the front of the phone facing the floor. As a result, the phone is still be used normally. But there are parts of the screen that have cracks quite severe.

The Third Video,you will see LG G Flex 2 vs 50 Cal by FullMag .

In the last video or third is a very extreme testing, shot with a loaded rifle caliber 50. Of course, for this one thing we can not expect much. The phone is broken into small debris. Can still be used? See The Video !.

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